Riddle Me This

©Priscilla Hayes

©Priscilla Hayes

One of the most rewarding stages when making a children’s book is piecing together an edited manuscript with corresponding illustrations. There is a satisfaction—almost like completing a 2000-piece puzzle—that comes with matching text to images in different ways, all the while being mindful of page count.

That’s where we are currently with The Too Much Love Story, an exuberant “fable in paint” created by local artist Priscilla Hayes. This children’s book, set in a seaside town, pairs a heart-tugging tale about love and family with Hayes’ vividly rendered paintings. Hayes’ happy, rhythmic pictures have an instant appeal on the page, and are sure to inspire children and adults alike.

What compounds the thrill is when the author or illustrator, who, despite the fact that he or she knew they had the raw ingredients for a successful book, gets jazzed about how all of the pieces coalesce. It’s gratifying to see how their words and images take shape in book form, and rewarding for all sides to engage in the roundtable discussion that occurs throughout the process. For us, this creative dialogue between the creator and the creative team is what it’s all about. It’s how the very best book—for both the reader and the author—is achieved.


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